I am Done!--No MORE

The DS-PIG is done or at least I am for now..

New parts:

1) uncorked

2) Tank


4) chain

5) sprokets

6) breaks

7) top clamp

8) bars

9) Trick Dual sport kit

10) Tire

11) Unabiker Rad Guards (first ones off production line)

11) Empty bank account

Here are the photos, yet still working on her ---





This DS-PIG does 70mph with no problems... had to ride her to work today (oops it was only 32 degrees this morning)


Hey Al!

I'm Florida boy Lance, soon to be Indiana boy Lance. Nice work on the bike. That's a mongo tank. Is that the 6 gallon jobby? A monster for sure.

I've been hooking up with some DS'ers around here in NW Florida recently, and I'm really loving the DS thing. I've got a Clarke 4.3 gallon on the way.

Tell me about your seat. I've been wanting to make mine a bit more comfy. I talked to Renazcoracing.com about making me one. He comes highly recommended and is supposed to be a real high quality piece of work. I also noticed that Corbin modified their XR650L seat to work with 650R's, questionable. Did you just go with some tall seat foam and a new cover or what? Tell me more please.

I noticed you are running the stock drilled exhaust or HRC tip. The DS'ers down here are pretty strict about quiet pipes. I swapped my WB E-series out for my fully plugged stocker. The stealth mode is sweet, but it sure saps the power. I've been looking around for aftermarket quiet pipes, but haven't decided on anything yet.

By the way, what gearing did you decide on?

Thanks. Hopefully by this time next year, or sooner, I'll be up there riding with you in the freezing cold :thumbsup: Ride on, enjoy the TAT.

I LIKE IT.. looks great.

That tank is a MONSTER. i think is bigger than the one on my Powerstroke Diesel..!

Nice work and you just tipped the ballance on the TrickDual sport kit On the phone now to order one. Did you buy or fab up the rear blinker light mount?


Man you just got started :bonk: I live in Phoenix. Around here they don't say nothing. All the bikes are opened up and loud. Loud pipes saves lives :bonk: I run a T4, scratched off the part where it say's competion (off) road pipe. Now say's, Competion Road Pipe :thumbsup: Build that wallet up :thumbsup:

Where's your steering damper, fork brace, and big brake kit? Who's gonna revalve/spring your forks and shock??

You're never done...there is always more. :thumbsup:

Yep your all done :thumbsup: , You ain't even close yet, Correct #11 and get on with it. Nice Bike so far.

Nice pig. That's the tank I might have gone for if I got an R. Girrrrrthy. :thumbsup:

"This DS-PIG does 70mph with no problems... had to ride her to work today (oops it was only 32 degrees this morning)"

i should hope so mate , even a xr250 can do 70mph

Get rid of that ridiculous tank!!! Might as well weld two 55 gallon drums of gas on either side!

That tank just scares me. My clarke 4.6 was too much for trail riding w/ regards to front end push...I would certainly stiffen the front forks with that on there....wow.

Many thanks for the input and insight on what to do next --

The BRP was doing 70 with 13/48 gearing -- I have changed that to 15/45 and 70 is a dream @ 5,000RPM...

The tank I love! -- would own a pig without it --

The bike will never see tight trails -- I have it setup for Dual Sport(only).. I have a Katoom 450 for the tight stuff -- Right tool for the job!

The bike is done -- Except I might upgrade the bike itself to a newer year and just put on all the goodies on a new one...

Yet for what I want it to do.. She is perfect....

Glad you like the bike. Dual sporting is fun. I wish more of my buddies had them.

You can always throw another $8 at it, with one of these vent hoses:



nice bike. that is the tank to have on the 650. It is the same price as any other aftermarket tank and it holds 6 gallons. you don't always have to fill it full. :thumbsup:

nice bike. that is the tank to have on the 650. It is the same price as any other aftermarket tank and it holds 6 gallons. you don't always have to fill it full. :thumbsup:

If you can find one!

CFAmD7G: ebay -- you just have to keep an eye out for them and then keep on top of the bidding --

Sometimes, you can offer the seller a good price and they will sell -- yet others are hopping for more then they are worth....

I got mine for about $150

You say that you are done.

"Are any of us really done????"

I could spend money until the cows come home.

Fix this, tweek that etc.

Well, she survied 1,900 miles in about four days on SpringTAT

You can read my ride report and others...

Here are some photos as well:


It went through a Kenda 270 rear tire, a new chain -- O-ring not X-Ring --My mistake...

I need:

1) Better rear tire!

2) New Chain -- Sprokets are Ok...

3) Valve Adjustment.

4) Oil change with filter..

on the road again, just can wait!

Twin turbo charger's would be cool***

Whats the range on that tank? You must be able to go some 300 miles or so on that thing, right? Well, IF your easy on the throttle, that is.

Must make the bike kinda top-heavy, as if it needed any help...

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