Shock Socks for XR650R. Putting on a TerflexII

Well it's going to rip my mud flap off so I'm just going to take it off and get a shock sock. I've read every single post on these tera flexes and all I can find is Outerwear (but they only go up to the xr600r model. Will that shock sock work for the xr650r?). Also saw one guy say he bought his from Parts Unlimited or WB distributors. I checked the PU catalog and couldn't find it though..

Does anyone know where to get these? What is the part #? What is the manufacturer?

Going to Baja next Wed and need to get this ordered right away so I can get it in time and get it put on...

All input is appreciated..... :thumbsup:

p.s. Black coil if that makes a difference...

Cancel this... A buddy found it in the WB catalog....

I tried ordering one through the TT Store. I found two different ones in the cataloges and ordered the (slightly) cheaper of the two. I think it was from White Brothers. It was removed from my order as beeing a "discontinued" item.

I still need one...

I think you mught have ordered the Outerwear one. The WB is more expensive. I'll let you know in a day or two if I get it or not. :thumbsup:

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