06 gearing question

can anybody with a 06 look in their manual and give me all of the gear ratios out of the front in the spec section. i am trying to figure out the best possible gearing for my 05 , I went to a 13 on the front which made it great in the woods, but not so great in open fields. took away too much from the top. I am thinking a new 06 just might be what I have to end up getting. thanks for the info

1st 27/14 (1.929)

2nd 23/15 (1.533)

3rd 23/18 (1.278)

4th 24/22 (1.091)

5th 20/21 (.9520

thanks for the quick reply, do you happen to know what the primary reduction and secondary reduction ratios are. thanks for the help

Primary 61/23 (2.652)

Secondary 49/13 (3.769)

can anyone post the same specs for a 426? I'm trying to figure out ahead of time what sprockets I'll probably end up needing for my 06 to get it geared the way I want.

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