BRP sits lower than my 21 y/o XR350?

I was hugely surprised when I first slung a leg over my 650, the seat was lower than my 85 XR350!! Is this thing lowered somehow? Owner didn't (2nd) didn't know anything about it. The top of the forks comes pretty much flush with the triple clamp so I don't think they've been raised. Don't see a lowering link but could be missing something. Tried to look up the relative seat heights but couldn't find anything for the 350. The 350's seat is MUCH thicker, and I got new foam and cover this winter. MIGHT be the 'tall' seat option as foam is hard to find for those old bikes. I'm on my tippy toes on the 350 (5'9" w/30" inseam). SEat is easily 2-3" lower on the 650. I"m not complaining! Made the decision much easier as it didn't feel nearly as intimidating as I'd expected. :thumbsup:

im 6 foot , 200 pounds , and on my tip toes with my girl

maybe you need new or heavier springs

When they break in they sag new boingers or helps for the tight stuff but can throw you around on the faster trails.

Yeh, I'm 245 so I definately need heavier springs. And haven't even set the preload yet. But I'm still talking about just slinging a leg over it, BEFORE I put any weight on it. Definately lower, which surprised me.

I bought a new (leftover) 2003 BRP in March of 05. I have not adjusted anything yet and I'm on the balls of my feet. I'm 6'2", 285. Thats why I love this bike so much. The power, height and weight is the only thing i felt comfortable on. All the other bikes i tried felt like girls bikes! :thumbsup:

I dunno, they are fairly tall, I'm 5'10 with a 32" inseam and 160lbs and I am tippy toed, just like how a dirtbike should be :thumbsup:

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