Carb fuel tube question.

I am putting my 3.3gal. tank on my bike and I thought the brass fuel tube on the carb was movable. Any one have an answer on this one? Thanks, Dan

Yes, mine swivels. I think this is what you are asking. Hope this helps.


The fuel tube on my 426 swiveled also, like jbrooks said.

I thought they do but mine doesn't.

Maybe they changed it on the 450???

They did. The one on my '03 is also fixed. Just make a longer loop out of the fuel line.

Yeah, I thought about that but then the tube is going to have to go about 2-3 inches higher than the bottom of the tank and then it will not drain about 1 gallon of gas out of it.

My next suggestion would be to get a plastic 'L' fitting made for automotive vacuum hose use and connect that close up to the fitting on the carb. that should lower the high point quite a bit without attempting any modification to the carb itself.

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