Maxxis M6006

Has anyone tried a Maxxis M6006 140/80x18 on a 650L? Will it fit? Or should I just go with a 130/80x18? :thumbsup:

I have. Yes the 140 will fit. It's a pretty good 50/50 tire.

It looks like a good 50/50. I am going to mount some on my 650r. i ride 50%on-road. Anyone that has used it, does it get traction on grass or anything? And hows the wear?

I have run MT21's for a long, long time so that is all I really have for comparison. My current XL600R had a brand new 6006 on the rear when I bought it and a worn out death wing on the front. So I stuck another 6006 on the front. This is my take:

The rear is almost a full knobby but with a more round carcass. You don't give up much offroad traction out back compared to a MT21 but gain a little more pavement corner carving ability. Overall the MT21 was definitely better offroad and the 6006 is definitely better on road. So 50/50 it is.

The front isn't nearly as good offroad as a MT21 but it is 10,000 times better than a death wing. It is a pretty good compromise street tire with a decent ride and a round carcass for cornering with reasonable braking ability. Giving up a bit offroad doesn't bother me much on the front because it ain't like I plan on late braking this beast into a berm and carving my way past kids on MX bikes. Besides I did an asphalt face plant in the rain a couple of years ago on MT21. So, in other words, it is a good 50/50 choice for Big Red.

Traction on grass? I don't know because I treat grass like ice. But not many tires short of a soft terrain knobby work on grass. The longest slide of my life was a 75mph get off on wet grass - with knobbies. I would rather ride on ice.

Wear seems pretty good so far but not many miles yet since it is winter.

Thanks for the info guys :thumbsup: Now I just have to find some one who carries the 140 size here in SO CAL. :thumbsup:

I talked to a guy that runs Kenda D270's and loves them both on and off the road. They're cheap, compared to some of the other tires out there - $32-$35 per tire, abouts, after converting from Canuck currency.

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