Stock YZ or Clarke tank?

I can get a used 99 YZ tank cheap or get the Clarke seat/tank combo. Is the Clarke as thin or thinner than stock? Does the Clarke carry the fuel lower than stock?

Anyone have a picture of the Clarke on their bike to share???


Here are some pics of my bike with the Clarke 3.3 gallon tank & SDG seat. I'm not sure about the width of the stock YZ tank, but this sucker is way thinner than the stock WR tank.



VERY cool Ron! Thanks for posting that, nice to see it on a bike. Especially the overhead shot, looks thin. Still "appears" to have a little more ski slope than a YZ, but it is a YZ seat so it must be an optical illusion. Looking at a stock pic from the Yamaha site, it appears from your picture that it indeed does carry the fuel slightly lower than the YZ & WR both.

White would be cool, but not sure I want to deal with the discoloring.

Thanks again.


You are welcome. Do you plan on moto or trail riding with the tank? Sirhk uses his for moto and I'm not sure how well it works out for him.

Hey Khris - talk to us man! Is it too bulky on the track?

Ron, mostly trails. But have been enjoying the track recreationally. Rode a couple of friends YZ's and realized the bike CAN turn if you can get forward. I like the small tank feel of YZ's, no head light, etc. and really don't need more fuel than that, only on occasion like Colorado trips or the dunes in Oklahoma.

Damn, I had this nice full response and it didn't post for some reason and I lost it.

Anyways, I've got the YZ400 and run the Clarke tank. I wouldn't hesitate to get the Clarke over the Stock YZ. It's only a tiny bit wider then the stock YZ and seat is just a little bit steeper then my stock setup. It takes all of 2-3 laps at the track the first ride with the tank to not tell any difference. I usually just put a gallon or so in it at the track. It sticks up about an inch higher then stock but hangs and carries the gas WAY lower. Basically going from a WR tank to the Clarke tank you'll be stoked!! I rode with Ron's stock tank on my YZ for a trip and thought I was on a tank. Then put on the Clarke tank after that ride because it became obvious that I needed more distance outta my bike and I havn't put my stock YZ tank back on since. I'm not going to sell it but I have no intention of putting it back on. As long as you'r not a person that insists on landing up on the gas cap you'll be really happy with the tank cause it works great at the track and can be filled up for the long haul, which actually I havn't even done yet. 2 Sunday's ago I did about 35 miles of mtn trails in the morning, had lunch then stopped at a track in the afternoon on the way home and rode for 3 hours. That was all on 3/4 of a tank.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Hey - Ron, How did you get your silencer silver ? polish or paint? Having a blast on my street legal dbr.


I guess that's what I'm going back & fourth about. Here in KC the need to carry more than 2 gallons is just not there...unless I started racing, but that's down the road. Even then the YZ guys seem to do fine in Hare scrambles with the stock tank. For the periodic trip to Colorado or to the dunes I could put the stocker back on, but have the small YZ for most of my in town riding. Just want to get that "smaller" feel the YZ's have, but with the WR gear of course!! :)

I remember hearing that the IMS tabnks make you relocate the hot-start to the bars, (which is a good idea anyway), but not entirely necessary w/ the Clarke.

I found a cheap YZ tank/seat and really love the feel. I rarely need 3.2 gals anyway, so the 2.2 YZ does it for me. The difference is well worth it.

Thanks for the info Khris. I was not sure how you liked the tank and its nice to know it works for you at the track. Desert riding season is coming up and I'm sure we will be putting the whole 3.3 gallons to good use soon.

Marty, I running a DSP exhaust system that has an aluminum silencer.

Wayneo is right, I can get to the hot start and choke without any trouble whatsoever with the Clarke tank. Also, the petcock stays on the left side. I like this tank a lot!


N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

HelmetCam Videos

Oh, that's a DSP, I was wondering if you were still running the stock, couldn't tell. I took a long drill bit to my stock pipe and "swiss-cheesed" that deflector deep in the can. I can get to the smaller deflector too, but it's got a little dome to it and hard to get the bit to start. Then cut the spark arrestor screen in half, that way there is enough that I can drill it and resecure it with screws if needed. Anyway, it made some difference, little snappier for sure.

How is the sound level/performance on the DSP?

I remember when I first seen rons pics of the seat tank combo. It sold me. and I am real happy with that set up it seemed to help my cornering (at least mentally)


Whats with the weather this year? Does it seem like it stays hotter later in the year every year? I swear we used to go out mid sept. with mid 90* temps. It's still like 105* out there. I'm definately ready to start going. I might go out to Bartow Oct. 20-21. I've never been there. If I go I'm going to participate in a trash clean up on Sat. the ride Sunday but I'm not sure yet. I definately have to get you out to Ocotillo for a weekend!! We'll have to do a couple long runs out there. I do one ride that's fun, wide open roads loaded with small 2-3 foot rolling mounds that make fun jumps with small trails on the side. This leads to Superstition mountain where they run the D-38 dezert races and also some fun sand dunes. Most of the other rides we do can be handled with the stock YZ tank but they are really fun also.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Hey Ron were did you get your tank and seat combo ? Im looking to purchase yesterday..

Im out here in riverside, Temecula.

Any suggestions from all would be great.

Great pictures.

I purchased my tank from Clarke before they started selling the tank & SDG seat combo. You can find it here:

Clarke Manufacturing

As for the DSP exhaust system I'm running, it is considered very loud, but it rips! Stainless steel tapered header clears the oil filter by a mile and it weighs a lot less than the stocker. When I first put this on and re-jetted the carb accordingly, I could not believe the difference it made, especially with YZ timing. Some think it's way too loud, but I like the way it sounds, and that's another subject altogether. Let's not go there… :)

Khris - It should cool down soon I hope. I can't wait for snow in the desert! Even some rain would be nice.

Thanxs Ron

Hope we can hookup some time.

Ocotillo wells cooling down! Ready to ride..

Sick and tired of the track.


Hello Ron in SoCal.

I've gotta thank you for your pics of your Clarke tank. First saw them about 2 months ago & was so impressed I actually used your photo as background on my PC! I've got a WR250F which in Australia come stock with the YZ seat & tank = very good riding position + very bad fuel range. So given your pics looked so good, plus other advise from TT members, I got the 3.3 gal Clarke. Going from the YZ tank to the Clarke 3.3gal tank was no hassle. The whole thing bolts together & fits great. The seat tank fit is as good as the OEM set up. I only had to make sure the tank clears the rear shock clicker & that was easy. The tank is slim & easy to ride with. If you only race/ride MX go for stock YZ or the new stock YZ size tank from Clarke. If your out in the middle of nowhere you'll need the extra range so go for the 3.3 gal.

Ron, how do you post pics straight into the bulletin board? Can you please advise - thanks.

I agree Clarke is the way to go. Anyone know of a better deal than $244 + s&h?

Wow, it's kind of cool to think that my motorcycle is someone's background in the land down under. You've gotta love Ttalk!


After you butter me up like that of course I will show you how to post pictures like the ones above. It's early here in SoCal at the moment, so I hope I don't spew nonsense and go on and on about nothing (like this).

First and foremost, you need a picture (image) that has a home somewhere on the web. I think this is that part that stops most people from doing this. My pictures are stored on my "web space" and not here at ttalk. I take a picture with a digital camera, then FTP (File Transfer Protocol - software for uploading files to the web) the picture to my web space. In the case of the pictures above, I've uploaded them here. This is called a Uniform Resource Location, or URL. It's basically just a web address. When you click on the link in the last sentence, you see the picture because the link points to the URL of the picture. Pay special attention to the "location" at the top of your browser when your looking at the link above. This is key to posting pictures here at ttalk.

Okay, are you still with me? I hope that made sense. Once you have a picture on the web and know it's URL, your in good shape. The next step is easy:

When you are creating a message here and you want to insert the picture, you use ubb code. I'll use the same picture from above as an example. When I type in the following line into the message, less the quotes (and spaces), the picture magically appears:


Here is the same line as above without the quotes (and spaces):


More on ubb code here. This is cool stuff. Go ahead and practice here using the above example image, then include a picture from somewhere else on the web (be nice, many ttalkers have kids that visit this site) and show us what you can do. Might as well mess this thread up with picture attempts. Once you get it down it's really easy. If something does not make sense or does not work, feel free to ask…

Good luck!

(Doh! I can't get it not to work...)(I had to add a space in the example to get it not to work - don't include the spaces!)

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Thanks for the tutorial, I'm just testing this


Cool that worked. For those curious, no, it's not mine but some day mine will look like that!!

Ron, I tried a picture of my Explorer that is on the page linked on my profile and it doesn't work. Any clue as to why? Did you get my email?



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

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