I'm buying a new exhaust...help me

..... i have new "Xrs's Only" stainless headers that I installed a few weeks ago. according to my mechanic i ****ed up and forgot a bolt when putting back on the Big Gun exhaust. Good, the piece of shit broke on the inside and now i'm forced to buy a new pipe.

....here's where i need your help!!! i'm looking at the "XR's Only" pipe. I figure it would be the most compatible with my new headers and they say it has great performance. I'm open to other suggestions!!!!

Have heard lots of good stuff about FMF Q2. The Dirt Bike 450 shootout had some interesting stats on the FMF Q2's they were putting on the 450s. Most models the Q2 was the lightest, but not always the biggest HP. Not like you need more HP on the 650. Not sure if Dirt Bike is in bed w/ FMF or not, but it was useful info. Pro Circuit was the other aftermarket standard they compared to.

Good luck. Probably couldn't go wrong w/ XR's Only.

I have the XRs only complete system on my L (stainless) I love it good sound seems to be a little over built. This is there new oval one.

I have a FMF Q with the Power Bomb hedder on my XR650R, A very noticable increase on both power and torque, and it is quieter than the stock pipe with

the Power Up baffle.

there is a guy selling a pro circuit T4 here in Oakland for $350 complete pipe and can. I've read it has good power mid-high but is just about he loudest thing you can get. That's no fun here on the streets of the city.

i got the xr's only can and stock header...i love it! Great perf and sound. Built well. you can tell it's gonna last!

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