new 650 L owner (wind shield ?)

hello all, I know I shoulda got the R, but anyway,

02 with 3700 miles is mine. jetted, biggie sized tank, rack on back, uni filter, all emision stuff off, seems decent.

My question is "what are my options for a wind shield?"

i ve been searching for and hour and I cant find anything specific to the 650 L. 60mph=o.k. 70mph=wind tunnel

Im sure I overlooked something. point me in the right direction. or show/tell what you've got.

I am new here, but feel at home, the FZ1 owners website is alot like this one.

thanks in advance.

just did a little more looking.

it looks like the slipstream spit fire is the frontrunner.

Im 6'1", can it be raised higher for taller riders?,"the comment I found had a 5' 10" rider with air hitting his helmet, but off of his chest. Would this work for me?

thanks I just don't want to buy the wrong shield.

They have some in JC Whittney that look like they would work.

I made one out of a $15 piece of plexi-glass that looks alot like the Ceebaileys wind shield. I mounted it on an extra number plate/fairing that I bought on ebay for $15. All you need is a heat gun and a little patience.

Wow, thats ugly... why the hell would you want that?

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