WR400F engine in a Blaster Frame

i was out in the garage a while ago finishing stripping my (recently totaled) bike down, and got to looking at an old blaster with a blown engine laying around in the garage. and desided it would be more fun to put the engine out of my bike in that frame then to sell it. i took some mesurements and took a good hard look at it.. has anyone done this or attempted to do this or somthing simmular.. it looks very possable to do this.. just need to fab some motor mounts and probabaly cut and weld some tight spots on the frame.. let me know what you think -wayne-

Now that would be a blast !

A little time with a mig welder makes about anything possible...

Is there room for the rad?

So what did you do with the wr rear wheel are you interested in selling it?

i already sold it to another member for $200

there looks like theres room for the radiator.. i was test fitting everything and it looks to me like then engine will bolt up to the exsisting front and rear motor mounts.. im going to have to cut the left or right motor mount tabs to get the motor to go into place and drill and tap the frame to mount the WR motor mount bracket in place but from the mesurements i took it looks as if everythings going to seat perfect.. i know im going to have to do some cutting to the frame to give me some room for the carb and air box.. hopfuly i can use the airbox off the WR.. but this seem scary easy.. i'll keep you posted

"the hard parts I can think of are gonna be pipe routing, making sure the airbox is big enough for the pig to breathe and maybe use a 1 piece rad off a streetbike? mount like other liq cooled quads. Auto parts stores have tons of resources for hoses once you get that far ask to see a catalog. Buddy of mine did a welding/auto shop project senior year combining front half of a CB600 from late 70's, a ford 390 FE and a C6 trans and a 9" rear end to build a trike. way power no range w/cb tank but was cool at 17 w open headers. If you got the drive and a little imagination w a welder and torch it should be sweet :thumbsup: gotta show pics when done

It sounds dangerous to me and a waste of a good engine, too much HP for the rinky-dink suspension and brakes to handle. Like putting a big block in a Vega, OK in a straight line just don't ask it to turn or stop, much less hit a sharp bump at speed. Give me a running WR any day. IMHO look for a blown up WR/YZ to use your engine and give it the home it deserves.

i planed on streching and lowing it and making either a dragger or a hill shooter.. if i wanting somthing that handled i wouldnt use a blaster frame.. when it had the Vitos 240 kit 2 stroke engine in it it was a b*tch to ride becaues the weight was all twords the back and the front end would plow in the corners with even the smallest ammount of throttle action.. and when catching any kind of air the back end would drop out from under me and leave me straight up and down with very little time to tap the brakes and bring the front down... so i had in mind that this wouldnt be any kind of MX machine.. just a project that would kill some time and not cost me much.. so yeah i will be making the engine fit tonight and start taking some pics.

theres 2 pics of the blaster frame with the motor in it.. i had to cut the original front motor mounts off and cut the swingarm a little where it lines up with the tranny.. i had almost no probs doing this.. it seems to easy so far.. but the carb is going to give me trouble.. i have to section the cross beam and probabaly gusset the frame up to compensate for cutting it but that dosnt seem like much of a problem.the pipe routing is a little wierd but i think i will keep it the way it is, it looks kinda cool cocked to the side like it is.. so far im going to have to make room for the carb,grind down the kick starter or frame for clearance, make pipe mounts,find a used stock yfz450 oil tank and mount it,and find a cheap radiator and mount it.. hopfuly this works out.. i'll keep you posted. give me some input.. what do you think?

pics are in my garage sorry

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