First Real dirt Nap

Had my first real dirt nap since I started racing. The bad news 4 cracked ribs and contusions on the chest and abs. The good news my 250F had no damage. Not fair much easier to replace the bikes parts than wait for mine to heal. The worst part is damn I want to get back and ride soon. Anyone crack their ribs and if so how long did it take to heal enough to ride. :thumbsup:

I cracked two ribs (first turn fall and got run over a few times) some years ago. I was off the bike about 2 weeks and off of work for 1 week if I remember right.

i was off for about 3 weeks there real painful if you dont let them heal all the way and the rebreak reak easy. give it time

man that sucks, were you wearing a chest protector?

I cracked 4 ribs last year, I was back riding the same day lol they just rapped them up and sent me on my way I just took it a little bit easy riding for a couple weeks..

didnt have a full chest protector. Will definately have one next time.

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