03 to 06 whats the difference

I am looking at a 03 supermoto but wanted to build an 05 but the 03 is already done.Does the 03 have any motor issues. Does $7500 sound right for a 03 wr450sm. Thanks

Nope, no issues. It's the best motor of all the 450's. Though if you do a search on the '03, you'll find out how the woodruff key will cause things to implode if you don't fix it right away :thumbsup:...SC

is the bike in good shape? 7500 sounds kind of steep to me. You could prolly find an 05 for 5500 brand new. Also in 05 they made it narrower and lowered the center of gravity.

Not sure how this applies to SM bikes but just throwing in my .02 :thumbsup:

Sounds way to expensive :thumbsup: are you sure thats not New Zealand Dollars thats about I would pay down under.

$7500 sounds pretty high, unless you get all the dirt stuff too....especially the wheels! If not, run away...if he sold that stuff to cover the cost of converting, he can't expect to get it back when he sells...

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