Well I did it dude.....New Renthal 53 tooth Sproket and a new DID 116 link O-Ring chain....$120.00

45 Minutes to tear down and rebuild. Either my book torque for the sproket bolts is wrong at 30lbs or the factory used a serious air wrench to put it on...damn it was tight.

Its dark outside now so I guess I'll have to wait until after work tomorrow to give it a spin.

Can't wait till saturday.. www.Monstermountain.com here I come.

Bonzai :)

I'm drooling so much my keybaord is floating ! I wish we had something like thart near here. I wish!!


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

Did you keep the same size countershaft sprocket? 53T rear, you are going to have a ball. It is going to be like a new bike. I bet you love it. Wait until you nail it comming out oc a corner. You're gonna wet your shorts.

Yeah I did....I inspected it and found that it was in good condition and decided that I'll keep the 14 for now and will drop to the 13 tooth if the bottom end needs a little more torque.

Can't Wait...

Bonzai :)

Keep us informed. I have a feeling you wont need to change to a 13 front since you went to a 53t on the rear. That place you are going riding tomorrow looks awsome. I wish I were closer.

How was it??

My second hand bike came with 13 x 50 set up. It Rrrrriiiips, but then again I am new toall of this... what are most people running for trails riding ? What is stock for WR ?

Stock for the WR is 14/50. I switched to a 14/52, others changed to a 13/50. These two combo's are very popular.

I had to go to a 15/50 for the big bore motor. Otherwise 1st gear was virtually useless.


MX Tuner

Not Bad....Not Bad at all....Much more jump off the bottom end and still able to smoke on the track. Was rippin out of the corners but had to do the big jumps in 4th gear rather than the usual 3rd.....3rd rapped out just didn't feel like it would launch as it had before....with 4th I was clearing landing zones by 4 or 5 feet....need to re-think throttle settings to setup my approaches for big table tops and step up's so I don't over shoot. The only problem I had all day was this damn 756 front tire on the back side of the track, which was about 10 inches deep in loose sand....The front end would plow to the outside and no matter what angle I put the bike in or the amount of throttle made a difference....Finally I wound up grabbing the inside of the turn and flat tracking it outside until I could berm it out and up the hill.

The front end lofts with just a blip of the throttle....very nice....The real test will be this coming sunday in the woods at the poker run....

Thanks Mike......

Bonzai :)

I talked with Dave tonight. Looks like we're on for Sunday. Lane is pumped and will be there also. We need to put a target on his back.


MX Tuner

I think you will be pleased in the woods. Glad you like it.

I am more than ready for saturday...Will be bringing two new riders as well.

Not ready for prime time players though...

Bonzai :)

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