Snow Riding

Has anyone every went snowriding with the stock tires? The only reason I'm asking is that it snowed hard last night here in Weimar, California and I wanted to try it out. Now the snow has changed to slush and I am hesitant to go out there. Got a snow day today so after I do some extra credit for spanish (65 dam percent in that class) I wanted to hit the snow. On my kfx400 (quad, still the bomb in the dunes) I played for hours in the snow with my friend in alta. We even went and found this HUGE patch of ice and messed around there before heading back from the winter wonderland. I know the front end will wash out more with the dirtbike but is it really that bad? Its supposed to snow again tommorow I think and I wanna play before it melts.

we do it all the time here in reno, it's snowing now, as a matter of fact. you get used to riding in the snow, and mud is nothing, the only thing that sucks, is the diagonal ruts under the snow, tore my back fender and kickstand off last Saturday.

Snow conditions can vary....... A fresh dry snow is fine :thumbsup: , a fresh snow ontop of compacted slush forget it :thumbsup:

Good luck

I dont think I can go riding anyway (STUPID SPANISH GRADE) until I bring up my one bad grade. Oh well thanks anyway.

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