Old Fart, YZ250F vs YZ450F

I'd like an informed hindsight opinion.....

I currently have a WR450F which I've raced motorcross and won a few against the slower riders. My 16 year old daughter has a YZ250F and that bike is really fun to ride. I seem faster and have more fun on her bike but certain jumps just aren't doable for me since the WR barely makes them at full throttle coming out of a berm. I also have a CR250R but it wears me out very quickly and I think she'll be heading out the door.

I've been riding about two years now on the WR and am considering serious window shopping for a new YZ250F or YZ450F. I'm 43, 6'2", a high "d", low "c" rider and overweight at 245lbs. If someone in a similar situation has recently gone through a new bike purchase, please give me your experience. These things cost toooo much for mistakes. And no, I will not consider any other bikes since we've seen 1st hand the outstanding dependability of the WRF/YZF.



With your height and weight...I'd stick with the 450!

At your height and weight................go 450. You won't be sorry after you adjust to the power.

i agree with them

I do like the 450 power.....even though it's a WR she still throws a little dirt.

I remember a couple of guys about 50-75lbs lighter than me on 250 two-smokers telling me they were casing this one big double (to me anyway) straight out of a berm. I finally tried. Since they had trouble I decided to hold all the speed I could and hit the face full throttle. Bad mistake. Third gear and pined I overshot the landing and jumped the next berm. Ya know, 450 four-strokes have a lot of torque for pulling out of berms.....

It'll probably be a 450 with a Rekluse.



450 :thumbsup:

I'm 43,
I thought you said you were old... :thumbsup:

When I'm lined-up at the gate against the 16 year olds, I feel really old. Especially after the race. lol


I bought my WR 450 new in June of 2004. I loved that bike. I dont race. I ride mostly trails, in the mountains and the high desert, hill climb ect. I do ride on the track sometimes but I suck too bad to race. I am 34 years old and wiegh around 275 and am pretty fat, but also heavily muscled. I bought my 06 YZ 450 about a month ago. I really love the YZ. It feels so small and light, the difference there is nothing short of amazing. Riding is so much easier, jumps are better/farther/easier, and I can carry much more speed everywhere I go. So far the biggest adjustment is no kickstand. Man I didnt realize how much I used that stupid thing. I dont miss the E-start hardly at all. I had all YZ plastic on my WR so I rarely had the head light tail light anyway. I did keep my 18" rear off my WR for my YZ. Overall I am very happy in the switch, and would do it again in a heartbeat. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. If not, hit me back, I will try to relay my experiences to you. Good luck.

BnB, PMB makes a slick kickstand, but I don't think they have them for the 450 yet. I just use trees or a buddy's bike :thumbsup:

well my 426 is awesome but for me my bro's 250 is way more fun because i can only do like 3 laps on the 426 before i almost fall off from exaustion. But with your weight u should probably stick with the 450


I am 6-1, 230, 39 years old, and just started riding a year ago. The 426 I got works for me. I found a smaller, less powerful bike was harder to ride. Though the first few rides wore me out in a hurry! You can always back off, it is hard to get more out something when it aint ther in the first place. I do trails, have a heavyweight flywheel, and it is a YZF. Go 450!

dif 450 for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

the 06 YZ 450 has a SMOOTH power delivery ( feels like a 250F down low, no HIT!)

BnB, PMB makes a slick kickstand, but I don't think they have them for the 450 yet. I just use trees or a buddy's bike
I saw that, damn they sure are proud of that thing. It looks really nice though. My one buddy actually puts his helmet under the footpeg to prop up MY bike. Now thats a nice guy. Either that or he just got too tired of listening to me whine about no kickstand. :thumbsup:


when we used to trail or desert ride, none of us had kickstands....so we just leaned the bikes againest the other bike..........

MXA says for those stuck in between- KTM 450SX. :thumbsup:

I say 450 even though there are some pros and cons to consider. I just traded my trusty 04 WR250F for an 06 yz450F...and it definately is a bit of an adjustment...however...on the track I find the 450 much easier to ride and for me...faster. IM a big guy too...at 6'0 and 230 lbs. The weight of the 450 is actually less than the wr 250 was...so its not a bigger bike issue...its more of a throttle control issue. I find that the power of the 06 450 is so linear and nice that I dont really have a problem with it. From time to time I find myself using a higher gear than I would have on the 250 just to tame it down a bit in certain situations (like whoops). That being said, there is no feeling in the world like coming out of a slow corner with deep dirt, rolling on the 450 power, and feeling that kick in the pants acceleration and fighting to keep the front end reasonably close to the ground. UNBELIEVEABLE. The 250 guys are grabbing a lower gear and slipping the clutch, im roosting. So its really a matter of throttle control or cheating and using a higher gear. Youll grow into the power, the bike will make you better.

Case in point...after riding my 450 all day, I got on a friends brand new aluminum crf250 for a few laps. The thing felt like a kids bike, and I felt really comfy and fast on it. I wondered, for a minute...if maybe I would be happier on a smaller bike, until I realized that my 450 had taught me to ride better, and thats why I felt so good on the smaller bike, If id stayed on the smaller bike...my riding would have also stayed at that level. Go buy a 450 and then when youre good and used to it get on your daughters 250...youll be amazed at how much better you are.

The one place I miss my WR is in trail riding...that 450 is geared so high that its a handful on the trail...but im gonna remedy that with a new rim and sprocket to swap in for trail riding.

I, like you, am a older rider (40) at 6'2" and 225lbs and I love my 04 YZ 450. My buddy who is a big guy also, bought a 05 YZ 250 and wished he had a 450 after riding my bike one weekend. We do most of our riding on the dunes, but it is also a good trail bike if you don't mind the 4 speed.

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