What am I missing ?

I still have stock timming and jetting. Just woundering if I should fix somthing thats not broke.


I still have the WR timing, but have recently rejetted my bike, and the difference is huge. The bikes power is much crisper off the bottom, and screams to the top. Im glad I decided to fix what wasnt really broke! My next mod will definetly be the timing change. I say go for it! Besides, what else are you gonna do when your not riding?

IMO if you uncork the exhaust, cut the throttle stop and remove the airbox lid you are now more YZ than you are WR.

YZ timing will complete the transformation, and may indeed make a difference in your jetting, but not nearly as much as the other exhaust and intake changes IMO.

Therefore I think you should try YZ jetting which will work better with the freer-breathing setup.


My 426 hasnt been jetted, piped or YZ timed and the power is perfect for trail and playing at the track. If you are racing at the track, thats a different story. I changed the gearing and cut the grey wire. I tried the YZ timing and didn't like it. Lost a little on the low end which doesn't work for my riding style. I have ridden with guys that have been jetted and piped and all the other stuff. For me, I didn't feel it was worth all the effort and headache. You are what makes your bike faster, not jetting and pipes and all that stuff. The free mods fine tuned my bike to be perfect for me. If you feel you WANT more pull then maybe you should, but if you are doing it to make you a faster rider, it won't do that unless you are riding your bikes to it's limmits on power. I really dont think to many people are doing that.

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