wr400f handlebar risers

Can anyone point me at a good handlebar riser for my '98 wr400f?

are there any that provide both UP and BACK?

I have seen risers that are ment for up and forward, so I guess you could swing them around. They cost $70, so I guess you would do better with an adjustable top triple clamp. Longhorn have some protaper copies that are only $99.

can you point me to the longhorns?

I've got a set of bar-backs left over from my '99 WR400. They raise the bars about an inch and move them forward or backwards, depending on which way you mount them, about an inch and a quarter. Let me know if your interested and I'll send you a picture of them tomorrow.

I think I have a extra set of Thumper Racing bar risers off of my WR, let me know if your interested.

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