Chip in my new cylinder.....OK?

I got my cylinder back about a week ago and i noticed a small chip on the very botom of it. Do you think its ok or should i send the bitch back and wait a little longer.... very small on the very bottom front of the cylinder. it looks as though the rings will not make contact once installed. working on pics but my GD batteries are dead

On the bottom edge? Inside, or outside?


On the bottom edge, or part way up the bore?

I would just round that out with a file and a honing stone a little. Probably nothing will ever touch it in operation.

Rounding out should lower that chance of it becoming a weak point.

my bros goped had a little chip on the intake port one time when he was meesing with the piston we noticed it he was too lazy to fix it and about half an hour later doing a hill climb (yes a hillclimb) it seized and completly ruined the cylinder and scarred the piston up. Thats just my two cents I think you should just file it down a bit and youll be fine

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