Are all FCR41s created equal?

I have a bud at a bike shop offering me a new FCR41, still in the box for 2 bones. Customer got it for a KTM and decided not to use it. I think it was originally sold to go on a SR500. Can I just jet and set this carb for my XR650L or are there different models of this feller that only work on specific rigs? I don't have it in hand or the #s off it and(as is obvious by me asking here) have yet to do any net sleuthing. Seems like it should work but somebody stop me if I'm wrong.

For $200 it'd be hard to go wrong. That's a smokin' price...

I know there are horizontal FCRs and downdraft FCRs as well as an MX model. I *think* any should work except the downdraft but if it was orginally for a KTM than it wouldn't be a downdraft.

Even if for some reason you couldn't make it work you could easily resell it for profit.

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