Sand Mountain... Again

Ok. I went to sand mountain on pres day and had a great time with the new 450. For the sand I set the bike up with a 13 tooth front and 49 tooth rear sprocket. I also used the AMS sand snake mx rear tire with a 10 paddle. Every single quad I race would beat off the line and by the first set of whoops on comp hill I would be back by 2-3 bike lengths but I could usually gain on the banshees and 450s and beat them by 3-4 bike lengths at the very top. BUT the problem is I cant pull fourth gear all the way up. By a little bit after 1/2 way I would have to downshift and scream the 450 the rest of way, which is fine, but I was wonderin if I got a yz pipe for or somethin else and got the jetting right (a little lean up there), could I pull 4th? What kind of gearing and tires do you guys use?


Quads are tough to beat off the line in the sand from what I've expeienced. They have 4 times the tire under them for traction.

More power will help you pull fourth gear.

ten paddle is too much tire.

get an 8 paddle.

the ten is pulling the motor down too much.

plus with a banshee's. you never know what your racing. there is sooo much aftermarket stuff for them, that guy could be cranking out some serious power or not.

but most just have pipes, and a cool head.

should be easy to beat with your bike.

practice your starts. i found that most of the goobers couldn't ride to save the lifes and they can't start worth a crap.

-nuts up on the gas cap, 2nd gear, first two shifts chop the throttle and bang that freaking gear. the rest variey depending on your bike.

and learn to shift your weight around to optimize between more and less traction.

i used to beat tons of those guys out there with a yamaha 1981 IT465. they used to get pissed.

fun stuff.

i'm pretty new to the sand (2 times to glamis, once to Dumont), so please excuse my ignorance.

wouldn't the 13T sprocket contribute to digging a hole on your starts?

I've never run a 10 paddle, but the engine has never bogged down on me when running an 8 paddle. Great traction.

The ten paddle is great. I even beat a yz426 with a pipe, airfilter, and it had an 8 paddle. My 05 wr450 is bone stock with all the free mods done, except the cam. I beat a stock crf450 with an 8 paddle but it wasnt by more than half a bike length. The ten paddle is also great. I was even able to do donuts with it. I would also do second gear starts, but I think I would just spin too much. like Flaminchiten said, I have one quarter the bite of quad. I could beat every quad unless they went inside the motor (high comp, big bore, etc.). If they just did pipes and airfilters I could smoke em. That bike rules in whoops!! With my quad Im out of control on the whoops when Im fifth pinned down the hill, but the bike just soaks it up (and scares the hell out me). The whoops is where I gain most of my time.

I have all the mods and white bros. pipe, 8 paddle also. Comp hill I run

4th about 3/4 the way up then to 3rd, lots of revs though. Stock sprocket setup. It screams up all of the steeper climbs in 3rd with ease :thumbsup:


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