Chest protecter or not

No intent to kick the ant-hill here, just a comment after yesterday's ride.

While riding single-track, I had to veer off the trail to go around a big log that had fallen across the trail. After doing this, I didn't look up in time, and was hit directly on the right side of my chest with a dead tree branch. About 1-2 inches in diameter, the small end had previously been broken off.

I felt like a knight in a jousting tournament. The branch hit my Acerbis chest guard, and then glanced upward and over my right shoulder. If I hadn't been wearing the protector, I would have taken the shot in my ribs, which definitely would have been worse.

Perfect protection? No. Valuable protection? Absolutely!

I'm here to sollicit opinions on methods and means of not crashing. This morning I blew my back tire at 70 mph at 7:15 AM on the DC Beltway. I was in the second to left-most of the four lanes. Anyone who rides the beltway knows that this was a sketchy situation. If you haven't seen the beltway in rush hour than just imagine the worst. I must've done something right in a past life because I made it over two lanes to the shoulder without wiping out and without getting creamed...lucky me! So this brings me to ask...after I purchase any number of chest protectors and pressure suits and seatbelts...has anyone tried Ride-on motorcycle tire sealant ( or anything similar. And how often do you change your tires? I had 8k miles on the rear tire and it was def. time for a change. However, I punctured it on a maybe my careless was not at fault after all. Oh- I ride a KLR 250 80 percent street, but I don't want 80 percent street tires. Any tire opinions? Let me have it.



Wear one!!! You'll thank us later. I have taken a couple of really good impacts to the chest and if were not for the protector I would have been messed up!

I suppose a chest protector designed for off-road use might offer some protection in street-crash, but you're probably better off looking for street gear. When riding on the pavement I wear a Cortech jacket with armor for the elbows, shoulders and back. It also provides abrasion protection in the event I go sliding...

Cortex Jacket, Joe Rocket Pants, steel toe boots, leather gloves, and the best full helmet you can afford.

Dirt Chest protector.....................didn't consider it a help on the road. For sure if you're on dirt with only a jersey. Then you add knee high boots and knee/shin gear, gloves, helmet.

Mate i would wear one,mine is broken at the moment so i just tool around.

But it is broken repeat it is stuffed,smashed to pieces,without it i may of been just as smashed.But lots of crashes and a few bruises later i'm still good to go.

I am short and stocky being an ex superheavyweight powerlifter and my only prob with them is that i grind my helmet on the shoulder cups all the time and i sort of lose my flow on a bike because of this,but hey when it.s time to sample the soil i think they are a good thing.

Wow im amazed that some dont think a chest protector does not supply any protection in a crash. Ive been reading all these posts and it amazes me. Thats just crazy talk. So many examples of people being saved from minor and major injuries but some still say no :thumbsup: . What! Anyways im pro chest protector.

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