I have a 05 Honda XR 650L that I ride only on the street. I just bought some excel supermoto wheels that I had the local motorcycle shop lace onto my stock hubs. The front wheel fits nice and wont be a problem but when I looked at the rear I noticed that the sprocket was just about flush with the 170 rear tire which would cause the chain to rub. I am downsizing to a 150 tire but the shop still doesn’t think it will have enough clearance. Does anyone know if it is possible to offset the wheel just enough to push the sprocket out past the tire allowing the chain to clear? How much will this affect the handling of the bike due to the fact that the front and rear wheel are no longer perfectly aligned with eachother? Will the bike still track straight down the road?


absolutely, a 170 is kind of big and I don't know if it will fit, but I have a 160 and had the same problem so I had my wheel laced with an offset. Now it's fits perfect.

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