Suspension setup-06 yz450f

What sag and clicker settings to start with on a 06 yz450f. I weight 190 lbs. Thanks Fred

You are a lucky man.

I say that because the YZ seems to be set up from the factory for your weight. I'm also about 190 and the sag was correct. I went one click faster on the compression on the forks. Add the new front tire and raise the forks and you are good to go. :thumbsup:

--KT-- '03 YZ450 for sale

Dont want to Hijack here but what are people running for woods setup?

Set the sag at 98mm and try the stock clicker settings. They will vary a few clicks depending on track conditions and your ability but, stock should be very close.

The stock clicker setting are in the owners manual and you may want to verify all of them. I rode mine the for the first time yesterday. I weigh 210lbs and I wound up going out out on the compression 1 click on shock and the fork and went in 2 clicks on rebound on both ends as well. Since it was the first ride, I knew the suspension would be stiff while it breaks in so I'm sure I'll have to mess with it some more as well as setting the sag again. The suspension on that bike is amazing. Also, I can't see how Yamaha would jet the bike that lean from the factory, I rejetted mine before I rode it, but even still the bike popped slightly even with the 48 pilot installed.

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