Desert first time on wr

I´m in a need for a little help here.

I'm from portugal and I go to Marrocos Every year on 4x4 veicles but this year I wnat to take my 02 wr426, the plan is carriying it on a pickup truck to the south part of marrocos. Getting there ride about 300km every day. it will be a hard thing to do. i'm plannig on doing about 2000km.

I need some tips on what to take...and changes to the wr.i have it stock execpt for fmf pcore4 muffler, and unabiker radguards

My list so far is:

oil and filters for 3 changes

3 air filters

chain oil

filter oil and cleaner

spare tubes

and what more guys?

Need your expertise in desert!


Wow, thats a lot of riding. I guess I might start with softer seat foam. If you are 6' tall or more, taller seat foam will be much more comfortable. Grip donuts can be nice on long days. Make sure your cables, linkage, steering are all well lubed. Pull your hot start plunger and lube it. I'd put on a full skid plate and probably a shark fin. Check that all your spokes are tight.Maxxis Desert IT's.

It sound like you will have truck support, so if you can, maybe;

extra set of tires

spare chain(or a couple extra master links,at least)

spare clutch/brake levers

extra clutch perch

assortment of nuts/bolts


extra headlight bulbs

safety wire

zip ties

I'm sure there's more.

Oh yeah, lots of Anti Monkey Butt Powder!

Sound like a great trip!!! :thumbsup:

Yep i think it will be a hell of an adventure!

Safety wire? don't know what that is...can u explain what is it for so I can relate it with the portuguese?

I bouth a wr400 12L fuel tank, does anyone know what the range to expect with this tank?

By the way what r the grip donuts?

Has anyone made this kind of distances in so short time?

HAd any kind of problems?

What problems can i expect more frequently?

Safety wire is just thin stainless steel wire. A lot of people use several pieces wrapped around their grips and twisted down tight to help keep them from slipping. Any light guage wire should work. Like if you lossed a bolt holding your headlight/numberplate on, you can use a piece of wire or a zip ty to secure it if you don't have another bolt that fits. Or if you break a fender or something, sometimes you can drill holes on either side of the break, and "sew" it together with wire or zip ties. I wrap some around my tube of quicksteel so it's there if I need it.

Grip donuts are flat, donut shaped pieces of foam that slip over your grips. They help keep from rubbing a hole in that first knuckle on your thumb.If you go here and do a search for "grip donut" you'll see what I mean. Sorry, I can't get a direct link to work.

I was just tying to think of things that might help you be more comfortable. Thats a lot of hours on the bike. :thumbsup:

I think you should get at least get 60 -75 miles on a tank, depending on how hard you're twisting it.

I've never done anything even close. I've done some 100 mile, mostly single-track days, but nothing like you're talking about. I assum you'll be on a lot of dirt roads, so that will help, but speeds will be higher. Don't let yourself get to tired, stay alert, be safe. :thumbsup:

You might consider filter skins, you can remove them in about 10 seconds and wa - la! a clean filter :thumbsup: This will help to improve your mileage throughout the day. I would go with Desert IT's by Maxxis like mentioned above, you will significantly reduce the risk of flats :thumbsup:

I've done 700 miles of desert in a week before running dunlops......... 3 front flats and 1 rear, 2 oil changes, I did it all with one air filter (I had to remove and clean it every other day) but the filter skins worked on a daily basis, I used a master link, and had to zip tie a radiator shroud together.

Monkey butt was the worst :bonk: - Vitamin E lotion worked the best for this

I didn't see beer on anyone's list yet :bonk::eek:

Good luck :bonk:

Thanks for all the post

I was thinking on only taking air filters never used skins.

I'm also planning in pack some metzeler tires, not the best ones for mc3

Here in portucal is not very easy to find desert type tyres and they r expensive.

Monkey butt? :thumbsup: i'm assuming that that means i'll get my ass airless... :thumbsup:

This is all new to me i'm used to single track ride and some sand but not what i'll be facing...

Is it dificult to repair a flat tyre?I never had to done that...?I'm tinking on taking some tubes and just exchange them...

Better ideias?? I'm ears (eyes)open :bonk:

Up Up Up

The tire pumps using CO2 cartridges are pretty cool and small. :thumbsup:



Co2 for pumping flats,

ty wraps


duck tape

Boa sorte! Que legal que tem uma pessoa que fala Português!

Eu apenas falo português brasiliero, mas bem vindo para ThumperTalk!

Drop me a line if you want to ride New Mexico desert!

ès o primeiro que por aki vejo ke tambem fala portugues:D

Epa muito obrigado apesar de me ter acontecido uma coisa estranha a mota que pode ter posto em causa a minha ida...

Este fim de semana reparei que o nivel do anti congelante baixou um pouco...tou preocupado...

Um abraço

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