tripple clamp 2000 to 2006

Will my triple clamp and dampener from a 2000 wr 400 transfer to a newer model?

The top clamp will NOT fit. The 05 and 06 WR now have the 48mm forks. If I remember correctly the 02 had a smaller fork. The dampener shouldn't be a problem but you'll have to get another TC.

Make sure the triple is for the WR and not the YZ. YZ is approxiamately 1/4" shorter at the steering neck. And Dan is correct, in 05 the fork tube diameter was increased by 2mm. Fork tube diameter and stem length are your two major concerns.

sound like that opens the door for a used 03 or 04 they have e-start right? not sure if I am ready to spend dough for a newer bike but want to start thinking and saving just in case the right deal comes up.

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