TeraFlex II America vs. China Version Comparison

We'll I just bought and mounted the American 140/80-18 Teraflex II and my buddy bought the 150/90-18 Teraflex II China version. We are both riding 2000 street legal XR650R's. Were going to take pictures of both tires once they are mounted on the bikes brand new and we'll give occasional updates on the wear comparison between the American and Chinese tire. I've read alot of hear-say about the China tire vs. the American tire so this should put the issue to rest.

BTW the TeraFlex is one mean looking tire that I can't wait to try out!!

My 150/90-18 Teraflex II China version is at the shop getting mounted now.

This thing is a beast.

Thanks a lot for the info. I was thinking of getting a Teraflex, and this info will help.

That would be an interesting review. If you you guys ride the same terain at the same time with the same bikes it would be great. Lookin forward to that.

I've been wanting to try one of those too. Anyone know if either will fit my 93 XR600?

I'm using the china version & now that it is worn in slightly, it seems to hook up a little better going straight but still slides out much easier than the michlin dessert I used to use. I still have mixed feelings. :thumbsup: I will moniter the "usa verses china" test. :thumbsup:

FYI...My brother gets his Teraflex tires from Discount Tire..You have to order it and then go pick it up when it comes in.....$75.00 I think

Besides trimming your chain guard, are there any other obvious draw backs to mounting one of these to a XRL. Used mainly for dual sporting and commuting close to home?

I think the make a Teraflex narrower than a 150

The used XR650R I just bought had a Terra-flex on it, maybe 1/2 worn. My personal opinion....that tire sucked. Couldn't get it off fast enough. Acceleration wasn't bad, but the braking on loose surfaces was the worst I've experienced, other than a completely bald tire. Since I've put a Dunlop 739 Desert AT on it, you can also notice a big increase in the cornering traction as well. Far less tendency to get loose. The 739 is still far from my favorite tire, but is miles better than the Terraflex. The Terraflex looks to be good for straight ahead traction, and not alot else. Again...my opinion.

You will probably all criticize me for this but is the teraflex any good on the street or would it wear out quickly like any other knobby.

It's DOT approved is all I know. I haven't ridden it yet...

Issues so far mounting the American version on a XR650R..

1) Think I'm going to have to add length to my chain.. Waay to tight now. I can't slide it forward either because it will hit the swingarm.

2) Bye bye mud guard. Buy a shock sock before you even try to install it. Take off your mud flap..

3) If you have the bikes that have the fender angles to the left your going to have to bend your sub-frame back right or use spacers on your pipe to get it out farther. The tire will rub gnarly if you don't.

In regards to the wear and tear comparison we will both pretty much be riding together 80-90% of the time. Same terrain etc. So it should be a pretty even comparison... Going to be 90%+ dirt & desert..


I tried it (Chinese I think) on my 650R and it was a total waste. The bike handles like crap and the tire neither hooks up particularly well nor does it last. 60miles of full speed dirt road caused it to disintegrate and melt away.

It's the ultimate poser tire. Stupid. :thumbsup:


exited to hear what you find out. I got a great deal on two maxxis desert tires and so far am not real happy with them. They seem to be real loose on hard surfaces.

I like the Dunlop 739 desert AT. but if there is a better tire for AZ desert riding I would love to hear about it.

Good luck on the testing.

I still cant get over the "Harley fat rear tire syndrome" that seems to affect even dirt riders ... if the TeraFlex handled worth a damn, wouldnt it be on the Baja racebikes, etc ... :thumbsup:

I am running my 2nd one on an 03 XRL, and have been very pleased. It hooks up great in the dirt/rocks/sand and hills/mud and handles fine on the street as well. My 1st one lasted over 1500mi. And I will buy another after this ones shot maybe next christmas. I only had to trim the plastic chain guard to fit. I buy them from onoffroad.com, but dont know what version they are...I only know I love them. Just dont fallow me and call it a posuer tire, a few rocks to the head will change your mind.

I have some pics in my garage for other interested XRL owners considering a Terror Flexxer

I still cant get over the "Harley fat rear tire syndrome" that seems to affect even dirt riders ... if the TeraFlex handled worth a damn, wouldnt it be on the Baja racebikes, etc ... :thumbsup:


general rule of thumb: the wider the tire the worse it corners, but the better it hooks up in a straight line :bonk:

I'll stick with my 120/100/18's :bonk:

O.K first ride report...

These tires need to be broken in! For the first 30-40 miles (rocky, hardpack trails. Lots of whoops) it was loose. Back end was sliding all over. After about 40 miles or so it started to get a lot more grippy and was hooking up good. I can't believe the hook up. You can climb anything. :thumbsup:

Now for the "harley tire" comments I can see that somewhat. This was never meant to be a MX tire. That's pretty obvious. If you want that don't buy the teraflex. If you want instant hook-up everytime you whack the throttle than this is your tire. Instant wheel loft which is great for the whoops, watercrossings, trees across the path or anything else that shows up on the trails.

Tire wear: The stuff we rode was really, really rocky. Lots of sharp rocks etc.. It barely looks used in the least bit. That same place chunked the living **** out of my last rear tire (Dunlop 606).

Overall very very happy. Leaving Wed for 4 days of riding in Baja Mexico so I'll get back to you how this does in high speed deep sand after this next weekend :thumbsup:

Just drop the tire pressure for the sand in baja, I think most guys run down to around 8-10lbs. May wanna ask around. Told you its a good tire...errrr BEAST

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