Throttle control

Looking for the aftermarket throttle that gives you better throttle control.


I'll Check the name of the one I have. It is an aluminum throttle tube with 3 different cable wheels. You can choose from stock, intermediate ( less snappy) or slow ( for mud and slippery conditions where you don't want much wheel spin. I paid $100 for mine. I will get back to you with the info. I haven't taken my bike to the track yet. I will give a full review when I do.

Here it is:

TTStore has them for $89, I just got one for my Husky 450.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to learn how to use your right hand?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to learn how to use your right hand?

Thats what I was thinking. :thumbsup:

can someone please explain why u would need this i am not buying the whole mud dry conditions thing what are u guys riding zx-14

Well, I very much like the durability of the billet alum tube, so it filled that need, and I was looking for a way to tame the 30 ft. lbs. of torque my 450 puts to the rear wheel.

I think I'm pretty damn good with throttle control already, but the cam system just allows that much more precise control over the lower throttle range. I ride more than my share of steep, loose, rocky stuff where traction is only takes a slip to loop out this bike on steep stuff (for me at least, I'm 150lbs.)

If you ride ham fisted or zero to everything then this cam throttle tube would be a waste, but if you like to have very precise control over the power down works very well.

Of course this is just my opinion/experience...I could be wrong. :thumbsup:

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