New Excel Wheel Question

:thumbsup: If I was to purchase new Excel front and rear rims along with their spoke kits, woud I still be able to use the stock hub? Any idea what these would cost me COMPLETELY assembled? :thumbsup:

You can use your stock hubs if ya want you just have to lace them or ya can pick up a set done on billeted hubs it just a money thing

I paid 125 for a black rear rim, 75 for the spokes, and paid Monkeybutts in Phoenix 45 to lace. Went to Honda first because mine broke. They wanted 220 for the rim 5 dollars a spoke and 116 to lace. I laughed all the way out the door. I need to do the front now.

FWIW, from servicehonda (for XR650R) complete wheels:

front $300

rear $365

I was quoted $10 a wheel for shipping.

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