Pro Taper Bars an clamps?

Fro all you that use them DO YOU LIKE THEM? Thinking about putting them on my WR 400! Are they much better than stock? Do they last longer? Bend easy? Cant ride now too much snow but it will go soon. Also do the hand guards mount up about the same. Are there any better?

I have them on my 2000 WR 400 the moose barkbusters are a little hard to mount up with the way the bars taper but was able to after some tinkering but I like the bars and I have tested them with a few crashes :thumbsup:

Can you tell the differnce from stock?

I've put Pro Tapers CR High bend on my last four bikes, I highly recommend Pro Tapers as far as bar bend, it's up to you.

Can you tell the differnce from stock?

Yes you can.

Plus they don't bend very easy which is why people go to fatbars.

Handguards mount up the same, but as mentioned before, the taper is generally where the mounts go. You can get specific fatbar mounts or you could take a dremel or a file to your standard mounts. If you have triple clamp mounts for your guards, you are good to go.

I always liked the CR bends on my Honda's. I suppose Now I have to try the Pro tapers. I will get more room to mount up my enduro computer. I was worried a bit about the flex, But that can be a good thing right?

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