SDG Seat

For you guys with the SDG seat:

Are you guys with the SDG seat ginding it any softer than the stock balsa wood seat?

I am expecting mine today or tomorrow to go with a acerbis YZ tank that someone from this site so graciously sent me.

With this combination I should be roosting John Dowd...right?? :)

There is a test on Dowd's bike in the new Motocross Action.

I don't think you'll be roosting him.

He's a peice of cake. :)


I love my SDG seat. Its soft enough to avoid the dreaded monkey butt on long rides but still firm enough to feel and control the bike while sitting. You had better not do much sitting if your planning on taking on Dowd.

My only grippes about the seat are very minor and hardly worth mentioning, but what the heck:

1.The mounting brackets need to be "adjusted" slightly before you install it for the first time. I used a hammer.

2.There is a little bit of play at the tank junction.

Other than that, its bitchen. The quality is top notch and the fabric grips just right. Enjoy!


N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

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I just got my Moose catalog, and they are now selling a complete seat. If I had to guess I’d say it was made by SDG, but it does have a Moose logo on it.

But the interesting thing is that they show a std. and TALL version.

They don’t give prices in the catalog, and don’t sell direct, so “contact your local Parts Unlimited dealer.”

Does the SDG seat work with the stock WR tank? If not are there any softer seats out there that work with the stock tank?

I think they only make the YZ style right now.

This seat is harder than the stock seat! :)


I ordered & installed the softer stock hightseat foam from Factory Fx.I dont remember the cost because it was 1 1/2 years ago. but after the trip to the upholstery shop to get it installed correctly it ended up about $70.00 or so w/shipping and all. Much softer than the factory brick and well worth the bucks.


Harder than stock? Is that possible?

Something ain't right…


N 33'41.156" W117'59.749"

HelmetCam Videos

My A$$ says I went from balsa wood to oak.

I was really hoping for a little Charmin action with the new seat. Anyone else find the SDG seat hard as a rock? Maybe it needs break in. I guess I will just stand more which makes me faster anyays.

Rocky, The WR-SDG only works with the YZ style tank.

Ron, SDG sent out new brackets for customers that already purchased their seats with new brackets. They are suppose to fit much better. I have an extra set if you need them.

Monkey butt? Dude, I raced the Vegas to Reno race this last weekend (3rd place). If you look up the word "Monkey butt" in the dictonary you would find a picture of MY butt!!! Thank god I didnt have a YZ seat on my bike. I ran a WR seat with a gripper cover on it for the 526 mile race which turned out to be a better choice for the long ride.

PS, I think I'll be going riding this weekend with the same ole bunch of guys if you're interested...

Let me know.

My seat brackets fit with no issues.

I have a new sdg seat and an IMS seat. Both for the yz tank. I noticed the same thing that the sdg was hard like a stock yz seat. the IMS was a little taller but plenty softer. I suppose you have to go to tall foam to get any softer than the IMS.

How much was the IMS seat? I am not sure if my but can hold up to the new seat.


Thanks for the offer on the brackets. My modified ones have that custom fit thing working. Thanks anyhow.

I would love to ride with you guys again, BUT wouldn't you know - I'm working again. I kind of have a side business that is doing real well. Too well. No kidding - I have not even seen my WR in almost two months! Oh yeah, the $ is a good thing.

Congrats on the Reno ride dude. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Good job! :)


I am positive that my SDG seat is softer than my stock WR seat was. In fact, it's much softer. I wonder if they changed foams? Their headquarters is only a few miles from me. I think I'll call them and ask…

While you're at it ask them if they do make a "tall" version, and how soft THAT one is.


Thanks. :)

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