Help with Spliting Cases

So I need to split the cases to install a new countershaft as the sprocket chewed up the splines.

Got the motor pretty much apart, head off, side covers off, all bolts off, everything according to the manual except the flywheel.

I'm assuming the flywheel, if not pulled off, can prevent the cases from being split? The manual suggests it needs to be removed, but I don't have a puller. Anyone know where to buy one besides the Honda dealer?

If anyone can share their experiences with spliting cases, it would help me out, as I'm left to believe the flywheel is the only thing holding it together.



No need to buy specialty tools.

You can go to Autozone or Checker and they have a tool borrowing program.

I know they have wheel pullers. Take your manual so the know what size you will need.

I just got done replacing 3rd gear last week. when you have it apart, take a real good look at 2sd and 3rd gears. You need the puller for the flywheel. It was the only "special" tool that I used. I also have a air compressor and a impact gun (aka rattle gun) which makes removing things much easier. However, the flywheel bolt was too tight for it. Took a big breaker bar to loosen it. The flywheel has some threads in it, and the "puller" is just a big bolt. I got mine at for not too much, $10 to $15 (I don't remember).

You also might need something to hold things so you can get the various nuts/bolts off. The flywheel bolt is on with 90 ft-lbs, the nut on the other side of the crank is at 80. So is the nut on the clutch.

I was able to reassemble the transmission without removing the bolt on the center shift fork. I did it by holding the two transmission shafts, with the shift forks in place, and placing them in the case. I didn't buy a new fold up washer for the center shift fork and didn't want to reuse it. Then by pulling it up just a bit you can put the shift drum in.

I took the side covers off with the chain still on and used the rear break to hold the engine. Then I loosened in the order of flywheel bolt, remove flywheel, nut on the other side of crank, and last the clutch.

I asked several questions about this process so look at the threads that I started over the last month or so. If you have other questions, I'll let you know what I did.

I'm off for the first real test ride. Wish me luck!

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