rear tire

I ride hard in the Arizona desert, new to the WR been a die hard CR5 guy for ever, what is the hot set up for a long lasting but well mannered rear/front tire on the WR.


maxxis it desert rear and maxxis si front.

I just put a Dunlop D756 set on mine, they hook up great, don't klnow how long it'll last...I've only got ~100 miles on em.

maxxis IT desert.

they last forever in arizona.

Perelli MT 16 just did a fifty mile race still looks brand new with good traction not a bad price either like $60.00

I ride out of Tucson. We use either the Dunlop 739AT Desert or 756. SWMoto Tire in Tucson also has been selling the Mettzler tires. I've tried both their MC5 and MC4 rear tires on my WR450F. The MC5, I thought chunked out too easily, but the MC4 handles our desert pretty well. However, neither the Dunlops or the Mettzlers last that long. Believe it or not the 756 Dunlop (basically a sand tire, held up best of the four). NOTE: I speak only of rear tires, I use the Dunlop 739 FAJ as a front and like it alot.

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