AC voltage at the headlight?

OK when i got the bike there was no fitting for the light.. its there but just has the blue and green wires with nothing else. Oh and the black one for the kill switch. Anyway.. When i put a meter on the blue and green wires (that the book say are for the front light) the meter was acting funny... flicking it AC it shows a steady 12.7 v.. but AC? Has my meter been hitting the crack pipe or is the voltage regulator on it way out?



The XR puts out AC. There is a regulator that keeps the voltage below about 14vac. The TrickDualSport kit plugs into the blue and green wires and requires that you unplug your bike's regulator. The black wire is for your kill switch. (Your compression release is not a kill switch. It could be possible to damage your valve or piston doing so. It would be better to just put the bike in gear and let out the clutch and stall the motor.) The kit has a built in battery, regulator and a rectifier. The lights and horn will now run on DC. There is even a fuse protected jack you can use as an accessory power supply and even to charge the battery if needed.

BTW, I believe TrickDualSport is a side business for Dale. If he doesn't get back to you right away, it is probably because he is busy with 'real work'. He makes the kits in small runs and has his daughter help lay out the parts. He is a great guy and will do everything in his power to help his customers.

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