james dean


You replyed to my big problem please help which i am gratful but what did you me about plate on wrong?



JD was referring to the slide plate I believe. I’ve never noticed, but Boit on the YZ side discovered that it was possible to put it back in upside down. I imagine this could cause some weird carburetion problems.

Hope this helps.

Thats right, the throttle slide has a plate facing the engine. A few guys have taken the slide and plate apart for cleaning (or curiosity) and put the plate back in upside down causing problems that couldn't be cured.

problems that couldn't be cured until he put it in the right way?

the right way up?

the little cutaway should be at the bottom and the height of that cutaway measured against the edge of the kitchen table is 1.5mm



Yes, after turning it right side up the problem was corrected. It will never run correctly upside down.

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