Oil Filter Drain Bolt

I have encountered a common problem today during my oil change :bonk:

I loosened the oil filter cover as usual with no problems, cleaned everything, installed new filter, put cover on and started tightening 3 bolts. The top 2 are perfect but the bottom drain bolt only goes in as far as the drain hole from the filter cavity. I assume the drain hole which leads into the bolt's thread has somehow mis-aligned one of the threads. The bolt was removed without difficulty, but know doesn't want to let the bolt thread in all the way. I have not tightened it further as I don't want to risk stripping it.

I imagine this is common as crap from the hole can get in the threads.

Does this drain hole have a dead end in the case and only drain oil from the filter cavity through the threads out the hole to the atmosphere or does it drain the oil into the case/engine somewhere? :thumbsup: Does anybody know, as I would like to run a tap through tomorrow to clean it out but don't want to risk getting a shaving or 2 into the cover :bonk:

Any advice please :thumbsup:

Yes, run a tap in the hole. Every once in awhile this will happen. Your not cutting new threads so there won't be a lot of shavings (if any). After running the tap in, thread the bolt in without the cover on just to make sure it's cleaned out. Then install as usual.

I lay the bike on its side and shoot a generous amount of brake cleaner through the hole everytime I open/close the oil filter cover. This usually flushes the hole of any crap and the bolt threads back in without a problem.

Are you sure you have all the bolts in the right holes? They are different lengths.

Are you sure you have all the bolts in the right holes? They are different lengths.

Yup, all the correct bolts in the correct holes!

So, is this hole a "deadend" and only a drain to the outside atmosphere? :thumbsup: Does the bottom not go anywhere else in the case or cover? :thumbsup:

if you are worried about getting metal thread shavings anywhere when using a tap cote it with grease first then tap your hole.The shavings will stick to the grease then come out with the tap.If it's a deep or spark plug hole pull the tap out freaklently and clean then re-grease.

Searched more of the forums. It seems like the hole drains into the engine/case at the back. I cleaned the thread with a tap and grease. Didn't have many shavings though as the thread was more mis-aligned than damaged. Ran the die-nut over the bolt. Sprayed some contact cleaner in the hole (this was before I found out that the hole drains to the insides!! :bonk::bonk:

I will now drain whatever I can from the bottom case plugs and fill oil through the drain hole that was tapped in an attempt to flush out any crap. Will then refill oil run for about 10 minutes around my neighborhood and do another oil change.

Do you guys think this is sufficient to flush the system of contact cleaner and metal bits?? :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Put em in loose pefore tightening them!

Put the bottom one in first!

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