03 trottle tube replacement

Hey guys, been getting my bike ready for the thaw, in the process I noticed that the stock trottle tube was torn up on the inside. So Time for a replacement. I started looking at the Aluminum replacements and I stumbled upon this design


Which to me seems like a better design. anyone have any experience with these? If not what do you guys use to lube your throttle tubes?

Been using the Power Madds thus far with decent reults. when I was looking at hand protection solutions I heard alot of scare stories of people breaking their wrists pretty bad with fixed bar end protection. I've been eyeing the cyrcas for a while figure they would help a little as far as grip life is concerned.

I personally use cycras...and i have not heard of any "verified" stories of people breaking hands or wrists with barkbusters...usually i just hear anecdotal stories...

a myth? Im not sure. But i think it poses much less threat than you might think...breaking fingers on a tree branch seems much more likely, if your hands arent protected by some busters.

yeah, had a look at them but they really are for MX's and for guys that don't want/need barkbusters (like who wouldn't need them riding through the woods??)

There is an adapter that allows the bearing to work with hand guards. I'm going to try it as I need to replace my tube anyway.

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