Brake caliper replacement

I managed to break my brake caliper mounting bracket on my 2003 xr650r. Am going to try and source a replacement bracket or complete caliper from breakers/ebay - can anyone advise honda models which would be compatible so I can widen search to find a suitable part (theres a xr125 and crf450 on ebay at the moment).

Have also heard the stock brake caliper is crap and many people replace the stock caliper anyway, especially supermoto conversions so would be interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions for doing this.

Any help much appreciated as always! Cheers

If your interested in replacing your rotor as well, EBC makes a (reasonably priced) big brake kit that includes a rotor and a new bracket. It uses the stock caliper.

Also, I've seen stock brackets on e-bay before. Anyone with a big rotor kit that uses the stock caliper is gonna have the stock mounting bracket laying around.

It's the rear you broke correct? I broke mine, replaced the rotor, and had the mount welded. Good or better than new now.

Whoops. I assumed front.

Sorry, it was the FRONT caliper bracket I broke. Its a nissin caliper and the mounting bracket bolt holes are 102mm centres so I'm hoping the bracket can be sourced from other bikes which use nissin calipers , but thats really what I'm tryin gto find out.

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