Vermont Reg.

I got my Vermont temporary Reg. and plate today. I assume that they will soon send my new title with the regular registration. My plan is to finnish out the season w/the Vermont plate and no inspection. In the spring I will transfer it to NY and have the bike inspected. Has anyone ran into any problems using the Vermont plate?


I just had my papers sent back for VIN verification. Im trying to find someone down here to do it, but so far n/g. DMV wont do it, and the dealers want nothing to do w/ it for fear of getting sued. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have plenty of cop buddies, but the "letterhead" has them concerned.

Aren't you guys concerned they are going to start catching on to this??

Mike-Thats the whole idea. Eventually they WILL catch on. But by then, it'll be too late, (hopefully, anyway), and I'll have my NY plate on in 3-6 months.

just go to any police station....your not asking to say its street legal or not, just a vin number verification. I tried it on my klx650 but they (vt dmv) were very cautious with me so one day i re-filed the paper work and it somehow became a 250cc bike. any bike under 300 gets a transferable motorcycle reg-no title. also no questions, no hassels,this is my fourth year like this. The plate says motorcycle right on it and the 250 is written under misc. on the reg. (looks like weight) I've yet to be bothered.

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This is what I think is going to happen. VT DMV is obviously seeing more dirtbike registration than before. Eventually you will need to prove you have land in Vermont or live in VT or provide a LEGITIMATE VT address that can be verified. If you can't provide it, they will revoke your reg. Get away with it while you can, but the more it gets advertised, the greater the chance of it comming to an end. Then again, they may want the money and don't care how they get it.

Im sure a small state like VT will just take whatever they can get for a registration.

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