Got a new-used Rekluse set up???

Got a new used rekluse of the classifieds on this forum for my 05 450 the clutch comes with Rekluse carbide balls,perch aduster and extra long cable for the 05 models. Anyways should have it soon so I was just wondering if there is anything I should watch out for or pay close attention to when I install. Also I have run my 450 for 1 summer season so should I change any stock clutch parts before I install the clutch. Thanks

Rekluse sells a re-install kit that has a new gasket, all the little torx screws, a thing of blue loktite, and the shims. I think it was about $30. When you call to order it, talk to one of the tech guys about what to look for. The tech guy I talked to rides a YZ450, so he was full of great tips.



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