Dual Sport in Nevada

Any feed back on dual sporting an XR650R in Reno, NV DMV? I have a baja kit installed, certification from dealer that it is street legal. Stock wheels are not DOT approved, and still have some life on them and I'd prefer not to change them at this point, but don't want to waste time if it isn't gonning to work. How picky are they?


Nevada DMV uses form RD64 (you can download it from their website) for a DMV certified dealer or garage to fill out and certify that the bike is street worthy. They only check for: Headlight (hi/low), tail light, brake light (on primary brake), turn signals, horn, mirrors (2), muffler, and rear reflector.

There is NOTHING on the form about tires, rims, or even the mythical metal tank.

Thanks - any suggestion on the rear reflector, maybe on a liscense plate frame?

Thanks - any suggestion on the rear reflector, maybe on a license plate frame?

Here's my XR set up:



And here's the UFO tail light on my YZ:


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