Clutch Leaver

I Am Trying To Find A Clutch Leaver For My Kx450f With The Hot Start Leaver On The Bottom. Does Anyone Know Who Makes One?

I bought the Sunline RC ARC clutch setup, has the folding clutch lever and the hot start on the bottom, as well as a teflon coated clamp so it will rotate in a crash.

dude, the ARC folding set up is the only lever i will ever run. single finger pull, fully adjustable, hot start on the thumb, anodized black to boot, and only 88 bucks my cost.......

MXonly...........did you say "DUDE" ??

yes i said DUDE, and i mean it :thumbsup:

all i want to know is who is this ex pro from redding california named mxonly

My asv only cost me about 70. (sponsorship) But, its a single finger pull also, I love it.

thats current pro, BRO.......

sorry, i am from northern california and i dont know of any pro from redding california, i was just wondering who you were

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