WR450 nearly as reliable as XR650R?

I am considering both the WR450 and the XR650R, and am planning a trip to Baja. I would probably prefer the WR to the XR650R as it is more ninble,plenty fast and better suspended, but you just cant break down 100 miles from nowhere. Is the WR reliable enough? I'd probably pick up a used 05 WR. I know that the XR is very reliable.

Whadda ya think?

i ride my wr every day. and lots on the weekend.

i have 48 000km on the org rings!!!!

only failure to date has been the water pump seal. but that just got worn out.

change the oil every 300-400km tops.

it will last forever.

if you manage 500+km in a day on a trip you should be fine. just change it at the end of the day.

xr650r is a good bike too! and you can do about 1000km+ per oil change.

too bad they don't have a starter and charging system.

I got both the wr is a lot faster and nimbler in the tight stuff but the big red pig just likes to get up and fly for Baja I would get the pig

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