TT forum newbie

Hiyall am a xr650 forum newbie.

Have owned 6 xr600 and 3 cr5hundies currently have an 01 cr500 that is waiting for a cr or crf donor chassis and then the forks and shock from the 500 will go on my new 06 xr650r but till then i will keep working away at the BRP to get her lighter and handling better.Lightness is the key for me i want to shed as much weight as is possible don't care what it costs,so if you have a tip tell me about it.

Am an Australian you guys might remember us maybe not ,anyway we fought beside you guys in ww1 and ww2,Korea,Vietnam,Afghanistan and Iraq and a few other UN police actions we seem to work well with you guys.But you guys always have the best toys our military can't afford too much good stuff.

Anyway just bought a new xr650 am stupified with how it reacts to minor changes and mods.Yes it is uncorked all the way with the sidepanel cut out by Honda Australia.

This bike is a bit special as it was supposed to go to the fellow who heads Honda's Enduro efforts in Australia,stock but the jetting and a few other things are spot on.Evedrything was greased and pulled the forks about and it was sans whale snot they had spent some time on it.

Shoot sorry for rambling anyway hi guys and feel free to respond to this one.

Where abouts in Aus are you? I'm in Brisbane. My bikes about 4 months old and 3000klms on it. Are you talking about the clickers when you talk about changes? Mine seems to like everything backed right off as it helps stop front end wash outs which is the only gripe with this bike. Its uncorked but it has overheated a few times. Been on a few enduro days on this bike and by the end of the 20odd klm loop you know about it. The biggest kick with this bike is the power. Awesome power slide and hill climbing machine.

Ford am about 2 hours NNW of Brisvegas.

Yeah Ford small changes like clickers and stuff oil height ,race sag and stuff,rear axle placement,the BRP reacts to all this you know wich way to go straight away sorta thing,smal;l changes get a response.

Who'd of thought my first response was from an Aussie,crazy.

If you back 'em all the way out you would be lightweight mebbe?

Am trying Fordy to get my bike as light as possible so if you know anything let me know.

Our Bikes here in Oz are about 292lb dry with all the rego crap,the US bikes are about 285 ,the US headlight cowling looks better as well, our headlight cowl is straight off the xr400,it looks POS.As soon as i rego mine most of that stuff is coming off.

Mine is still geared for ADR at 15/41 only picked her up on Wednesday,15/48 ASAP.

I wound her off the clock the other night and she was still pulling hard.

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