01´WR 426 shock absorber oil leaks

Hello guys,

Anyone can help me with the disassembly & assembly procedure for rear shock absorber

I have oil leaks in my 01´ WR 426, the manual don’t say nothing about this matter

What is the correct oil level or amount of oil ?? And kind of oil (fork oil????)



My clymer manual says

" If the shock is leaking, or its time to replace the oil, refer all service to a yamaha dealership, or a suspention expert"

Sounds like it may require special tools and traing :thumbsup:

Forks are a do-it-yourself job, the shock is generally considered a send-it-in job. Too much stuff in a small area...SC

i always do my own fork work but the shock is really complicated if u dont no how to do it then send it in or have a buddy that knows how to do it do it for u

Thank you guys for the replies, I’ll send it to the specialist

Regards Daniel

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