:thumbsup: wow...very sick :thumbsup:

Yes..............I like it. SWEET!

That's nice.

Awesome. Is that a GPS mounted on the bars?

Sweet :thumbsup:

Awsome! How much did it cost you start to finish?

sexy! :thumbsup:

What brand makes that gold side cover? I saw them in a magazine a while back but cant remember...Also what did you pay for it?

SFB makes the side cover, they also make one that holds more oil. I built the thing from a stock 2002 YZ426F. :thumbsup:

I have about 8grand invested in it. :thumbsup:

Yes it is a GPS, Garmin Etrex Vista C. :thumbsup:

Yes it is a GPS, Garmin Etrex Vista C. :thumbsup:

I've been wanting a GPS. Which mount did you use? and are you happy with the Garmin?

we have an etrex venture and about the 8 grand does that include the cost of the bike or not?

Yes, I paid $3800.00 for the bike bone stock in 2004. The Garmin shuts off from vibration, I need to get a battery pack for it, so I here! :thumbsup:

I have a garmen etrex legend that I take riding sometimes especially when going hunting and I have never had it shut off. So I dont know why yours does? :thumbsup:

I'd like to know about the headlight assembly and the tail-lights. I'm going to tag my 01 426(for fire roads and such, NO superslab work) and all I need at this point in terms of "hardware" is lights.

The trouble I could get into with that bike :thumbsup:

The trouble I could get into with that bike :thumbsup:

Yep, say goodbye to your license! :thumbsup:

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