tell me about hollister

I live in reno, and have been riding in the desert. i met a guy riding here that told me about and took me to Stanford. that was the coolest place i have ever ridden. i just heard about Hollister today. is it similar to Stanford, and do i need to bring my CR or XR. plus i don't know the difference between green or red stickers, i have a non resident sticker on both bikes. does it make a difference?

Greetings- First, lets address the red/green sticker issue. If you are an out of state resident with an out of state bike, you dont need to worry about anything just make sure you have your drivers license and as a safe bet bring along your title/registration/whatever they give you in NV. Before I moved to cali, I lived in AZ and brought my bike up to hollister to ride and that is what they told me to do (luckily I brought it anyways). So thats not an issue for you. Hollister is fairly large for a controlled/fenced state park. Every trail is marked with the skill level (blue square, green circle, black diamonds) and there is a wide variety of trails ranging from tight single track/woods trails to wide open sandy fireroads (which happen to ROCK when its really wet). There are hill climbs that will challenge about anyone, and also plenty of beginner trails. The terrain varies from adobe clay (which is horrible when wet), sand, regular soil in the singletracks, some rocky trails, and some hardpack stuff. There are also a handful of tracks there, an expert MX track, a beginner MX track, a really nice TT track, a vintage track, quad and kids tracks. Hollister has it all pretty much, but if you are a hardcore-givemethehardeststuffaround kinda guy... you may be disappointed. It is great for the average mellow trail rider/family groups but also for the fast/expert trail riders. Hollister is alot of fun for a place that is controlled and ridden 24/7. Be careful and watch the weather, when it rains alot there, it can be really muddy (they actually close down half the park due to the adobe clay when it rains for a bit). Also the summertime is gets REALLY hard packed and bluegrooved so its best to find the time inbetween. Right now it is really good, the rains have been on and off, perfect for the trails to develop. Good luck, hope to see you come down! Oh, and its 5$ a truck for day riding, 10$ for overnite camping. Showers onsite and decent camping... actually ALOT of camping.


thank you very much for your detailed responce, that was everything i kneeded to know, sounds like the XR would be the bike of choice.

Your welcome, and that would be my bike of choice out of the two you have as well. But, if you like hillclimbs... there is a place on the way in and out from where you'll be coming from that has the best you'll ever see, its carnegie ohv just outside of the bay area. That place is just waiting for big bore bikes all day long, thats most what you see out there is big bore two strokes and full blown hillclimb bikes. There are also more milder trails, but the hillclimbs are the big attraction there. You can find all kinds of info on carnegie ohv online, and tons of pictures im sure. They also offer camping and mx/quad/kids tracks, and plenty of trails, but all of the trails have major elevation changes in them, definatly not very friendly to the beginners.

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