Yz 426

I am looking to buy a 2002 YZ 426 and was told not to buy a certain year model, does anyone know what year that might be? This one is race modified and has low hours on it.

Thank you in advance!


Id say it was the 00. This year 426 had a few problems.

All the 426's where good years. The 2000 model would be a good choice, it had SS valves that pretty much last forever compared to the titanium valves my 2002 model has. I think the 02 model had the least amount of quirks, but they are all good bikes.

I have a 00 426 and havent had any problems with it. All the 426's are good though.

The '00 had, as delivered, a grabby clutch, weird jetting, and a header that had to be loosened to change the oil filter. Any or all of this may be fixed already on a used unit. It also had a balancer drive gear that was keyed, rather than splined in place as the later ones are. That's an occasional problem, but by no means serious if you don't ignore it when it starts rattling. It was also very slightly heavier.

OTOH, as noted, the '00 had SS valves, which last even longer than the Ti valves in the '01 and up.

The '01 and '02 were nearly identical, and were a little more refined than the '00. All of them are a great buy these days.

I love my 2000 426 and I like the idea of stainless valves it does rev a tiny bit slower but still has TONS of power

2000 YZF 426 is the ticket.... :thumbsup:

02 426!! had no problems sweet bike!!!!ridehard!!!!

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