06 shock spring

Hey everyone,

I have my bikes torn down currently because everything's getting sent off, but I was reading through my manual double checking what the stock spring rates were, and I found an interesting little chart that has the markings that would be on your spring depending on how stiff it is (and what it's made of :-\).

Well, in said chart, it is stated that 2 pink marks indicates a 5.5 STEEL shock spring, and that's what my shock has on it. After seeing this, I immediately checked my 250f, and it has 2 blue marks indicating a 5.1 STEEL shock spring. I called my dealer and he said it was entirely possible they could have come with steel shock springs this year. I immediately pulled the springs off the shocks, and held them up with an old steel spring I had in one hand and one of them in the other. Sure enough, the new springs felt even heavier than the old one I had laying around.

Now I dont know about everyone else, but I am very dissapointed at Yamaha for advertising the benefits of their new Titanium springs, when they aren't even putting them on the bike. I tried calling Yamaha but was redirected everytime I brought up the issue for over an hour before giving up.

Just thought I'd throw this out there for everyone, because I never would have noticed had it not been for the fact that I was sending my suspension off.


Normally I would think that, but I've dealt with this dealer since I was 5 years old, worked there for about 6 years, and am very good friends with the owner and everyone who works there, I do not suspect them of foul play.

Let me know if you can confirm this. I smell a rat. I will be VERY disappointed if this holds true. Yamaha straight up worked the "Ti" angle in their marketing. I for one will hold them to it. Guaranteed.

well im picking one up tomorrow, so I want to make sure of the Ti. Ca n't u just tell by the color of the spring itself, it's a grey metallic for the Ti or somethin? I havent looked at any new bikes so I am only guessing this by the pics from a mag. I guess I'll see some tomorrow though! :thumbsup:

Just use a magnet to tell if its steel or not.

Just use a magnet to tell if its steel or not.


I just took a magnet to mine and it didn't stick.

Mine is Ti - somebody pulled a "switch-ar-u" :thumbsup:

Mine is definatley Ti, and it has one 'pink' mark on the bottom. In my manual it says the different marks were for different spring rates, I think. Anyway, I had to put a Race Tech spring on mine and it is way way heavier than my stock Ti. That sux for you though. My stocker is for sale is you really want one.

sure enough, the magnet sticks pretty well.... I dont know what I'm gonna do, I dont feel like buying a ti one I want someone to fix it but I dont know how I'm going to get that to happen.

if ur close w/ this dealership im sure they would help you resolve this & find out what happened. personally, i wouldnt accept it and raise hell nicely first, then in anger if that fails. bummer :thumbsup:

I called Yamaha customer service on a problem with my filter clogging up with dust too quickly, and letting dirt by because of the airbox drain opening is way bigger on the YZ250 than 450f and I took it to my closest dealer and they rebuilt my whole top end... piston ,rings, cylinder, and evertything needed on top end. I just held there feet to the fire, don't let blow it off as a dealer problem, they may take a few days to check into it but give em time. Also show the dealers parts manager the spring that you took off and the spring you had laying around. The parts/service manager can get a lot done through their end.

Checked mine and it is not steel

Mine's TI.

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