The Demise of the XR650

Show this pic to your dad:

Look close, it's a Transalp with XR 600R forks, Africa Twin swingarm, tank, and shroud. I'd give my left nut for this bike.

That guy just sold that bike for around $5 large to get an XR600 to race. You can find clean TAs for $4,000 and not so clean ones for $3,000 look on CycleTrader right now there's 3 of them.

Personally I'd love that AfricaAlp, but a stock one with 40,000miles on it for $4,000 seems a bit much.

From what I've read the Transalp is more of a street bike, where the Africa Twin is more suited for the Dirt (more suspension, greater fuel capacity). The Varedero seems very street oriented. If Honda were to build a Real Adventure bike, and price it just under what a KTM or BMW would cost they'd sell a lot of them. 1989 was A LONG time ago, and there's a lot of BOOMERS out there right now getting ready to retire with dreams of cross country tours, Honda could have a hit, instead they'll just loose out once again.Check out this guys petiton to Honda!

That looks a whole lot like the MZ Black Panther. But the Black Panther has the Yam 660 liguid cooled motor, which will eat the 650L motor for lunch.

Not off road it won't. Look at the weight. 425 wet claimed. So the MZ prolly weighs in at 440. That's almost 100 more than the 650L.

I thought when Honda unveiled the new XR650R liquid cooled engine, that the next year they would put it in the XR650L. What a disappointment. I don't know why Honda pays their executives millions for making these decisions, when they could of come to me for free. :thumbsup:

xr650r slimed down slotted into a crf 450 style frame, efi , cassette gear box , gear driven cam & still reliable. enduro or motard choice HMmmm i wish.

Then the XR650R will get rebadged as a dual sport bike with electric start and 50 state dmv legal from the dealer.

I wouldn't mind something *affordable*(not a husky, that means) that *weighed less* and had *more power*, I have to tell you.

But if Honda does to the 650R dual-sporting it what they did to the 600R, they'll add 40-50lbs doing it.

If they do it, it should be kick-only, tiny battery, hey, why not trim a few lbs instead of adding them?


I wouldn't mind an extra 50 lbs if the result was an XR650R Adventure, à la the KTM 640 Adventure.

I would love a XRR based Honda version of this:


ETA: Basically an updated NX650 with some balls.


Yes, that is exactly what I want.

Even better would be if honda could get us close to that for say... another 20 lbs added to the existing XR650R.

Really, I just want a XR650R that is street legit in all states, with a button, steel subframe, a solid lighting system, and a fairing to hide behind on long stretchs.

...Something to sniff out local trails with from my garage at night after work, and use to cross the continent once every couple of years.

...But I also want a XR525R to race D37 on the weekends.

Right now the XR650R can do both of the above but it doesn't exactly excell at either.

well its 2009... but they still make xr650's...

well its 2009... but they still make xr650's...

:thinking::smirk: :smirk:

Some of these guys aren't even around anymore.

Leave it up to a teenager to dig up a 3 year old thread duh

And point out the obvious.

Although, maybe it's a sign of compulsive posting disorder. It certainly is plausible when you've made several hundred one-word and partial sentence posts in one Town Square thread in the last three days.



well its 2009... but they still make xr650L's...

Fixed it.


Demise of the 650!! Never!!! I just bought my first BRP, giving it the royal treatment in the garage, makin myself the ultimate adventure bike.

Suspension Revalve and respring

IMS 4.6 gallon tank

IMS Pro Pegs

Scotts Stabilizer

Animalhouse designs right footpeg mount

Applied upper clamp

EE Evolution Handguards


XR's Only Reverse Megaphone Team Edition Exhaust system

Front and rear fender bags + Numberplate bag

Original Protaper Windhams

Uni Filter w/ xr's only backfire screen

Dunlop D606 back

Pirelli XCMH front

Moose UHD Tubes front and rear

Baja Designs Stator Rewind

Baja Designs Headlight w/55/100 xenon bulb

Spider grips

Devol Radiator guards

EE Grip Heaters

Dualstar mirrors

New OEM Pads Front and rear

New OEM clutchpack

Scotts sharkfin

BRP Rear chain guide

And a few more assorted goodies.

As I bought it.



And so it begins..


A partial pile of the goods


Nothing like a little project.

Sweet. I never get tired of pics of the Big Red Pig and what people are doing to them. :thinking:

Suspensions on


Rewound stator installed.


Next is the carb, header, then radiator guards.

You guys going to the Goler Pigfest ride?

You guys going to the Goler Pigfest ride?

Yes, yes they are.....

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