426 carb question for all you carb fanatics

I have a 2001 YZF426 and was taking the carb (Keihn) apart for cleaning and read this article in TWM


Now in step 5 I did notice that the blue plastic piece on the throttle shaft assembly is worn. I went to my local dealer and tried to buy a replacement but they stated that Yamaha does not make this piece and that you have to buy the whole new carb! My question is has anyone ran into this or been able to replace this part on the carb? It is the blue plastic piece on the underside of the throttle shaft assembly. I sanded the piece relatively smooth but it still has divots in it that might make performance poor. I want to make sure I did all I can do before putting it back on the bike. Any help would be appreciated.


well if you cannot get it from Yamaha, you can try K&L supply at your local dealer.

otherwise take a chance and order the honda unit. Otherwise run it

Try Zip Ty Racing..they used to sell replacement throttle pulleys that might have the cam on 'em...

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